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Use: main
Type: string, expanded
Default: 50M

This option limits the maximum size of message that Exim will process. The value is expanded for each incoming connection so, for example, it can be made to depend on the IP address of the remote host for messages arriving via TCP/IP. Note: This limit cannot be made to depend on a message's sender or any other properties of an individual message, because it has to be advertised in the server's response to EHLO. String expansion failure causes a temporary error. A value of zero means no limit, but its use is not recommended. See also bounce_return_size_limit.

Incoming SMTP messages are failed with a 552 error if the limit is exceeded; locally-generated messages either get a stderr message or a delivery failure message to the sender, depending on the -oe setting. Rejection of an oversized message is logged in both the main and the reject logs. See also the generic transport option message_size_limit, which limits the size of message that an individual transport can process.

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