KMess 2.0.4 發佈,KDE桌面的MSN用戶端

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KMess 2.0.4 發佈,KDE桌面的MSN用戶端

文章訪客 » 週一 8月 30, 2010 10:11 pm

KMess 是一個 MSN Messenger 程式,主要面向 KDE 桌面。

2010 年 7 月 26 日 KMess 發佈了 2.0.4 版本(這個版本變化夠小的),包含很多的bug修復,一般的提升和新功能,值得關注的內容包括:

• Added a small toggle button on the contact list to quickly enable/disable the "Now Listening" feature.
• Implemented the new KDE4 system tray specification.
• Added ability to drag-and-drop ink drawings from the conversation into the ink editor in order to be edited again.
• Fixed bug which caused KMess to fail to connect, instead giving an "Invalid Command Parameter" error.
• Fixed bug which caused the user's display picture to be reset upon login.
• Fixed bug where status was not changed from Idle upon wake up from sleep.
• Updated many translations.
• And various other smaller updates and fixes...

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